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Peak Design, Leash

I have previously tested my Peak Design Capture unit, but now Peter Dering has launched something new. This time he introduced a new camera strap, which caught my attention right away ! The new product was also introduced on the Kickstarter site.

I have been using to straps for a long time : 1 lowepro and 1 blackrapid. Both straps are good product, but since i often use my tripod when i photograph landscapes, the Black Rapid becomes cumbersome because i need to change between the quickrelease plate and the anchor for the Black Rapid strap. The Lowepro strap is a classic neck strap, with the option of clicking the strap off the camera. unfortunately that leaves 2 large anchor points dangling on each side of the camera. In fact, the anchor points are so big, that when the camera is tilted, they cover the viewfinder, which is annoying.

I have been looking for a solution for a long time. A solution that allows me to keep my quickrelease plate permanently mounted and still being able to use a Black Rapid strap. There have been potential solutions, but they all require me to mount a large plate between the quickrelease plate and the batterygrip. I dont want that.

Peter Dering solved it ! His Leash strap, where the number of potential anchor points are much higher. On top of that, the Leash can be used as a sling strap, neck strap, safety strap and stabilizer strap. The anchor points are drastically reduced in size, compared the the competition on the market, which means i can use my viewfinder at any time 🙂 Way to go Peter !

The strap itself is made from the same materials, as safety belts. It is very comfortable to wear around the neck, even though it is not neoprene material or similar elastic material. One advantage of this is though, that the strap itself takes up very little space in the bag.

This is the anchor point. 4 of these anchor points are in the package, when receiving the Leash, so you are able to use it as a sling and neck strap out of the box. The small, round anchor point click very easily into the mounting point on the strap. You need to press on the anchor point to be able to slide it back out, so it is a secure mount, not allowing accidental removal.

I have had a Capture unit from Peak Design since it was launched, but i chose to back a package containing a new Capture unit also. The new plate for the Capture unit has a few new points i want to mention. It has been improved on a few points, leading me to recommend a new plate if you already have a Capture unit.

The old plate (here in Arca version) was with a normal screw in the bottom. This is perfectly fine, if the plate is to be permanently mounted on the camera, but if you need to change between it and e.g. a Black Rapid strap, it is annoying to have to bring a screwdriver.

The new plate is now with a mounting solution that can be fastened without a screwdriver. This is a super improvement. The screwdriver can stay at home from now on. Here i have mounted 2 anchor point in the plate, which allows me to use the Leash as a strap.

Lets see some real world pictures

Mounted as a sling in the Capture plate

Anchor point mounted as a should or neck strap

Here you can see the difference in size, between the old Lowepro Voyager straps anchor point and the Leash. The size difference is huge !

Conclusion: This is a fantastic product, but i guess you saw that coming already 🙂 It is simple and well designed and solves a problem that has been annoying me for a long time. The strap feels very secure, and it is very easy to change between anchor points – even while walking with the camera. The anchor points can be changed using one hand, and they click securely into the Leash. Some persons might think it will be hard to walk with a non-elastic strap for longer periods. Actually i have had the same doubt, but it turned out not to be a problem at all. I would have loved to have had the possibility to purchase extra anchor points for my 70-200, but i guess i will just move my Capture plate, since it does not require a screwdriver anymore 🙂

Thank you Peter !